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Students may choose whether to enroll in Ecclesia College or Global University (an accredited Undergraduate program or unaccredited Berean School of the Bible) for their Educational Track.  If called into full-time ministry, Global fulfills all the requirements necessary for a student to work towards being credentialed and licensed in the Assemblies of God.  Each of these institutions utilize ONLINE Course Platforms. While students are ultimately responsible for their educational track progress, GZ offers Study Halls and Academic Support as part of our regular weekly schedule.



fee for room & board

fixed low cost for tuition

Our Discipleship Track is divided into 3 Categories: Large Group, Small Group, and 1-on-1 Discipleship.  Our goal is to create an intentional environment for our students to grow in their walk with Jesus alongside their peers and church family.  We are also intentional in offering opportunities for students to be missional with the lost in their sphere of influence (i.e. ministry opportunities, Marlton Christian Academy, Marlton FieldHouse, mission trips, community service, and employment opportunities.

Interested in doing the Discipleship Track only?  Click the button below to apply!

Want to learn more about Global University?  Click below to receive more information.



fee for room & board

cost for tuition varies

EC’s normal tuition rate of $500 per credit hour is brought down significantly with the GZ Scholarship.


If a student enrolls full time with EC Online without a scholarship, the tuition cost would come to $12,000 yearly (24 credit hours) or $6,000 per semester (12 credit hours).  However, the most an EC Online GZ Cohort student will pay out-of-pocket for tuition is $3,600 (18 credit hours) or $2,400 (12 credit hours).

Students who qualify for other forms of Financial Aid, such as Federal Pell grants, will pay even less out-of-pocket.

To receive the GZ Scholarship you must apply online through the Ecclesia GZ Cohort page.  

Ready to take on some college courses and apply to GZ?  Click that button down below!  Can't wait to connect with you.  

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