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IS Groundzero ONLY FOR FULL-TIME Ministry?

No. GroundZero School of Discipleship is for anyone who has a relationship with Jesus Christ and desires to go deeper in their walk with Him.


To make fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ. You will be equipped with basic life skills and social skills.  You will learn how to serve and to work hard.  You will learn to be a minister wherever you go, and in whatever you do.  Ultimately, our heart is to make more disciples, following the command given to us by Jesus in Matthew 28:19-20.  



 We are affordable, practical, and spirit-filled.  We are unique in that we offer ministry experiences in a variety of options.  Having a $6 million indoor Field House and being a part of a large church, Marlton Assembly of God, there are so many different ways to develop in your unique calling.   At GroundZero, you will have every opportunity to be stretched, not only in your personal relationship with the Lord, but in your spiritual gifts, talents and abilities. You also have the option of receiving an Associates or Bachelors degree, as well as working towards being a credentialed and licensed minister in the Assemblies of God.

WHAT About housing and meals?

During the 9 months at GroundZero, students live in a luxury apartment complex less than 2 miles from our church.  Each apartment is equipped with a full size kitchen with all the appliances where they have the ability to plan and cook their own meals.  Check out the apartment complex here:  Hunters Chase Apartments


GroundZero provides a food stipend every month to help with basic food groceries and will cover the cost of meals on all GZ ministry trips.

what ministries will I be involved in?

You will be involved in a number of different ministries while at GroundZero, such as youth ministry, children's ministry, worship, media, sports and community outreach, and will have the opportunity to focus on certain ministries through our practicums. Our heart is to see you develop the gifts God has given you, in the area that you feel most called to. Everyone at GroundZero will have a general schedule that they will follow – morning prayer, discipleship classes, and study halls, etc. – but time will be set apart each week for you to explore the area of ministry you are most interested in. 

Can I Earn College Credits?

Yes!  Please see our Academics page.

what do i do after Groundzero?

You can never go wrong with laying a strong foundation in Christ.  Whether you are called to GroundZero for a year or for four years, our heart for you is to follow God's calling for your life.  

What are the GUIDELINES and requirements?

After you fill out an application, GroundZero has several requirements and guidelines that we require from potential and current students that you can read in our Handbook.  Click here to view!

When does the program begin/End?

Every school year begins in mid August and ends in mid May.  However, there are exceptions for special circumstances for those interested in attending mid-year (January).  

are there any breaks?

Weekly days off are Thursdays and Saturdays, with the exception of when we are traveling and/or attending ministry bookings.  There are also 3 student breaks scheduled throughout the school year at Thanksgiving, Christmas, and in the spring.  

how do I begin the application process?

You can begin the application process by heading over to our application page and clicking on the Apply to GZ button.

when can i apply?

We are currently accepting applications for the 2022-2023 school year.  

how do I know if I've been accepted?

GroundZero is not for everyone. If you are a high school graduate between the ages of 18 and 25 (and not married), your application is prayerfully considered.  We will conduct a phone interview to hear your heart and answer any questions you may have.  Upon your confirmed interest in attending GroundZero, when accepted, you will receive a special welcome package in the mail.

Am i allowed to work while at Groundzero?

Yes.  However, because of our busy ministry schedule, it is important that employment does not overtake your discipleship or academic experience.  If you need to work, we have on campus job opportunities as well as many community job opportunities.  We recommend up to 3 days a week and no more than 20 hours to help balance your discipleship, academic, ministry, and social experiences.

I have more questions!

Feel free to contact us at or send us a message through our Contact Page. We look forward to connecting with you soon!

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